15 Survival Foods Every Prepper Should Stockpile [Video]


Hello YouTube it's Chris here and in today's episode we're gonna be discussing the top 15 survival foods
that every preparation should stockpile [Applause] [Music]
welcome back everybody and thank you for sticking with me you heard right today's episode we're gonna be covering in the
top 15 survival foods that every prepper should stockpile now well most people think of survival foods their brains
pretty much default to things like freeze-dried food MREs and other survival type foods like survival
tablets however the main focus of this episode is gonna be centered around the 15 items that are gonna be very easily
acceptable at your local grocery store in wholesale food clubs the very first item in the list is actually gonna be
rolled oats now the reason why I've made a top of those lists is because it's one of my favorite long-term self stable
foods this when properly stored outside of the retail packages it can last 2530 years just like things like rice and
beans however even the retail packaging you can expect anywhere between 18 to 24 months which is very very shelf stable
if you need it one of the really good things about this is it's very easy to prep you just pour this in some boiling
water you can add some honey or some sugar a little bit of milk you have a very very satisfying filling nutritional
meal next on the list trailing right behind rolled oats is honey honey is fantastic this is probably the one it
even non Preppers know about given the fact that as an extraordinarily long shelf life if not indefinite it is
touted long as just a natural sweetener it can be used as an immune booster cough suppressant it can help fight
infections it can be used for wound healing you can take this for gut balancing if you're kind of a little
wonky with all those funky survival foods and some of your stuff might not be in balance to actually help remove
parasites out of your gut if you have some bad nasties inside your system then you take some little parts of vinegar
water and honey there's recipes online I'll link one of my favorites on the video description to actually do some
parasite removal one of my absolute favorites is alcohol yeah that could be taken out of context and you get I would
say so but more importantly vodka actually the strong stuff is what I'm more interested in out of all of these
but most of these we'll work in most of the situation's so alcohol is great as a firestarter if you
need it because it's so highly flammable you can use this inside of alcohol stoves more recently we've been able to
use it as a hand sanitizer if you want to figure out how to do that would be video and right hand corner to figure
that out you can use it as an antiseptic for wounds a sleep aid if you're having a lot of stress and anxiety a little bit
you know your brains a little too active this being a natural downer you could take maybe a shot of that and kind of
knock yourself out for the night or just use melatonin if you see fit you can use it as an excellent barter item I love
these guys because they're easily transportable you can trade things out like chicken eggs and other types of
food medical supplies things like that you might need and you can also use this to sterilize your needles tweezers
scissors to get through any type of emergency trauma or first aid on a particular person and you don't have
access to a hospital next on the list is apple cider vinegar this is a powerful one that a lot of people I think that
even not Preppers already know in the food realm if you want to use this to actually make things like salad
dressings or you want to use it inside of cooking fish apple cider vinegar is very good for you it's a natural
antifungal it can help lower your blood pressure if you take a little bit of it regularly mixed into some water it's a
great household cleaner if you can't find any cleaner in the shopping aisles because everyone is panic shopped and
torque everything from you and last but not least something that I just learned recently is a great to repel things like
fleas and ticks off of your pets in a solution of water and you spray it on them the next one list is powdered milk
I love this prep this is a prep that actually was not in my list for a very long time it is now because I realized
how amazing this stuff really is one it's very very shelf stable it's an excellent source of calcium and protein
an excellent barter item for families with young children if you add it to items like granolas oatmeal's and
cereals can fill those up and give you those calories for your first meal of the day for things that you're storing
and not to mention you can use this to make butter because butter can be quite hard to find if you don't know what to
look for out there and if you have any black toast intolerant an alternative to try is goat's milk it's substantially
more expensive but it is out there next and list is canned me this stuff is extremely shelf-stable
something i didn't even know this stuff will be good on the shelf for like two to five years which is an incredibly
long time the good benefits of this is all of this stuff is already precooked which means there's a lot less time
having to make your meals so when you're combining it with things like pastas and Rice's and beans to fill out your meals
and give it a more dynamic flavor profile and good rich protein and amino acids and all the really important stuff
you need it's already ready to go now some of the cheapest stuff to get is like spam pulled pork or even chicken
however if you like it or you're not allergic to it I highly suggest things like salmon or
tuna like yellowfin tuna but the pink salmon has a really good omega-3 profile and with a lot of the amino acids and
stuff like that antioxidants you need and the oil the good really good fatty oils that are in a lot of this food is
gonna be well-rounded and well suited for if you're in a shelter-in-place situation and you've kind of got to keep
yourself kind of mentally focused and healthy and good for muscle repair all the good things what I'm saying is if
you can have the meat get the meat next up is protein powder it can be unflavored or flavored you take your
pick I love it because it's very shelf stable very easily transportable I can take
this with like a protein shaker and put in some snack baggies and with a little protein shaker and literally be able to
put like eight or nine servings in there and I'm good to go just like the name suggests it's an
excellent source of protein however if you mix this with something like your powdered milk and you mix it in some
water it'll give you an excellent meal replacement if you need some extra calories to combine with something like
you're crazy rice and beans another good reason to have this stuff is if you have a picky eater in your family or you have
a family member or a friend who is in your group who is injured or sick they can't take just chewing and processing
normal food they could have liquid nutrition that's a little bit more gentle on their stomach and that can
have that ready to go next up is water and water filtration now the reason why I didn't make number one on the list
because I don't think a single person prepper or non prepper forgot about this fricking item however you want a really
good way to store your water having water containers 50 gallon drums water catchment systems what do you have
available do it however having water short term is great because you can only go three day
without water however if you get into a more long-term situation you don't have access to a well you need an ability to
be able to filter out your water so having something like a zero water filter and having a couple of those in
your fridge like you guys know that we do from some of the items in other past videos we've done but also if you need
to be a little more mobile or let's say the situation calls for you have to go kind of travel and give some
questionable water having these water containers and big huge jerry cans to be able to collect and filter out your
water is going to be vitally important this next up is one of the most powerful of the dynamic duo in the prepping world
is beans the holy grail of all prepping food according to everyone in the internet but it's not not true this is
an excellent source of energy rich in protein it's loaded with vitamins minerals amino acids talking about if
you can't get access to really anything else but like something like rice and beans or pasta and beans which is a
little weird but totally doable this is the way to go first reason why it is super super cheap you can go to your
local grocery store or a wholesale food club like Sam's Club or Costco you can get a 50-pound back for like $45 and
just for transparency of what that gives you that's like for 45 bucks that's sixty seven thousand calories of
ridiculousness which basically will be one bean and I personally I don't suggest that I'd rather have varieties
of different types of beings have a different flavor profile when I get really bored and I want to spice up my
boring survival life I can do the fifteen bean soup and have a little bit of fun but all of these have different
textures and flavor profiles but they all do inherently the same thing which is give you the nutrients and the
vitamins and minerals you need well if I'm talking about beans we got to talk about rice I mean if we don't talk about
rice that's just crazy because combined these make one of the best survival foods ever now it could get a little
boring because that's all you're eating for like 90 days at a time however it is really really really cheap you can get
four of these 25 pound bags in my city and it's a little cheaper or more expensive depending on where you're
located but it's like 35 to 40 dollars for a hundred pounds of rice that's absolutely crazy and when you combine
all the nutritional value and all the good things that you get from being ballpark of like a hundred and twenty
six thousand calories now to break that down on like basically a 1200 or 1300 calorie diet in a survival situation
that's a hundred days worth of food for like 85 bucks that's absolutely freaking crazy adding this and this you're pretty
much good so in addition to just eating you can use this to deke lump your salt you can actually make rice water and why
rice water is important is it going to be used for your health and hygiene because it can help with treat things
like from eczema all the way to help you cure diarrhea if you don't have any of the if you run out of that stuff in an
emergency another awesome DIY hack is you can use uncooked rice stick it in a sock and you can use this as a DIY
heating or ice pack instead of spending all of your precious resources on a really expensive ice packs you can
literally take the uncooked bag of rice you can stick into your microwave for like two minutes let it cool for about a
minute use it as a heating pack if you need to or for an ice pack you stick it in the freezer for about thirty minutes
and a boom wham bam thank you ma'am you are good to go and finally one of the more common things is it can be used
obviously is a very good for absorbing water so if you get any electronics such as like your older cell phones
flashlights things like that you need to draw the moisture from the particular device you can to get a bowl of uncooked
rice dip it in there let it sit overnight for 24 to 48 hours and lo and behold in most situations you'd be
surprised how many electronics you'll save with the power of rice so in the carbohydrate category one of my
favorites is pasta very shelf-stable very energy dense just as easy to prep the one thing I want to showcase is it
for a pound of rice you get about 591 calories which sounds like a lot but for one pound of pasta its 1687 though it
may cost about one and a half times as much as rice I am getting about triple the calorie density so for me having a
very healthy stock pile of very shelf-stable carbohydrates in pasta is a very very very good thing easily for
most Preppers consider the most delicious of all the survival foods is potato flakes not only inside of mylar
bags being stored properly is uber shelf staple but as a really good source of things like your B vitamins vitamin C
potassium all that good stuff but it can help spice up your meals you take that powder to milk you make some butter
add a little bit of salt put this bad boy in ago you have one tasty meal now if you're gonna do something like your
rice and beans maybe you want to make it more of a soup content texture you can use this to thicken up your food add
some more substance similar calories some more energy some starches it's a really excellent excellent survival food
to add to your preps and considering the fact that it's really super dirt cheap these are like a dollar or two for a
huge pack and that can make a ton the best potatoes it's good to go rounding down before we get to our bonus items is
herbs and spices if not for anything else just to flavor your food and make it more dynamic because there's a very
strong possibility if you have in a quarantine or bug in situation or a lockdown protocols that some of us are
dealing with right now your food choices can be a little limited in a little boring so we're gonna kind of have some
fun and spice it up and kind of really get creative with the very limited resources you have and the very last
item Before we jump into the bonus foods on this list are vitamins though not a food can be essential because if you are
used and you've got your body has particular needs for vitamins minerals antioxidants you may not be getting
enough of what you need so being able to have a supplementation with vitamins or specific stuff like potassium and
individuals is kind of a very smart idea for a long-term situation if you're gonna be out in the woods or in a
short-term lockdown situation because of like a storm should you start going a multivitamin up probably not but if
you're in a situation where malnutrition and long-term effects or like economic collapse you know something really bad
long-term having a stockpile of multivitamins it could be crucial to kind of keep you going longer so now we
move on to the lightening bonus round and if you made it this far in this episode I just want to let you know
you're awesome so the very first one is avocado oil whether you want to add this to your rice and beans any of types of
smorgasbord of awesome food that you decide to cook it here a buggin situation or your protein shakes this
will add a lot of calories nutrient density and really really healthy fats to your diet without working too hard
ghee this is actually butter this is clarified butter but what I love about it
so I don't have to jump into my powdered milk food stores and I can use it more for bartering and cooking and stuff like
that this is shelf-stable butter that does not have to be refrigerated
which is amazing it's a little bit more expensive than normal butter but it is fantastic
next is coffee because well that's gonna be a pretty sure I feel like if I didn't include this I just would have been like
just harassed in the comments with all the evil people who I didn't get their caffeine fix before they watch this
episode so this is why this is here because it's really good and for all you caffeine addicts come chase it come get
me come Kimmy don't get me beef jerky dried meat is good this is one of my favorites is your sugar cuz as the least
amount of crap in it and it still is gonna be good for a good year or two it is really good in the short term to have
some supply of meat on you it's fun it's a good healthy snack and it's easily transportable so if you have to be on
the go maybe you're standing a line looking for a new job because there's some economic issues or you're out in
the woods and you're playing and you want a good some meat in the middle of hunting and fishing boom
jerky staple awesome well that just about does it for the top 15 survival foods that ever purpose to stockpile
plus some of our bonus foods that we decided to add to this list and hopefully throughout all this it's kind
of reinforce some of the staples that you used and like we said before if there's any other foods that you feel as
an absolute essential that we just chose not to add to our top 15 list definitely add it down to the comment section of
this episode but with that said if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you loved it Duffey consider
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