7 Outdoor Survival Hacks for the Wilderness


One day you may find yourself in a life-or-death situation perhaps whilst in your own home but most likely when
traveling or taking part in some sort of extreme sport without the proper preparation or knowledge you could find
yourself in serious trouble welcome to curiosity and join us as we count 7 survival hacks that will save
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one of the most important things is to get a fire started as soon as possible in the absence of paper or lighter fluid
it can be tricky to get this going so here's some alternate methods Doritos or any other corn chips are surprisingly
flammable and will work well to get a quick flame once ignited use them to get your campfire going if you didn't bring
any Doritos with you go to your first-aid kit and grab the alcohol cleansing swabs these are very quick and
easy to ignite and will give you a solid flame for around 60 seconds if you fool and cut yourself in a survival situation
you risk losing too much blood or getting a nasty infection you could go into your first-aid kit to get some
bandages but what if you need stitches well unless you live someone that knows how to stitch wounds you could be in
trouble this is where super glue comes in simply pinch the wound close and apply super glue to the surrounding skin
despite what you may think this is actually perfectly safe and will do a great job of holding the wound shut
whilst you find a hospital again imagine you're out hiking and take a nasty fool but this time you've badly hurt your arm
and suspect it might be broken you can make a temporary sling out the t-shirt or blanket this will take the weight of
your arm and reduce the pain while should get to a hospital put my right arm my elbow down into this shirt so
that it's holding it pretty good all right like this then go ahead and actually use the left arm hold good and
put your your hand right through so now you kind of have an emergency sling you can make a fish trap from a two-liter
bottle this trap is quite hard to explain but relatively easy to make so watch this short video to find out how
front section off the top section off and inverted into the bottle into itself and stick it in there what I do is I
usually tie using some bank line or some quarters like that and tie one put a hole in the top and one in the main part
of the ball and tied on there to keep it you know together I see a lot of guys tied and all the way around but then you
have to break apart the whole bottle rig to get your bait out or whatever your fish out to eat alright guys so we
already finished this video but I was trying the fish trap out just to see you know just for a few minutes for you we
wrapped up filming for the day and I caught a bait fish and this was in here literally for about maybe 2 minutes you
can see them down in there actually there's two of them there's two of them see got one here and one here
yeah and that was just two minutes you know maybe a minute not even but the trap works and if I'd
spent more time doing it I'd have a ton more of these useful to catch more fish ori these themselves obviously it would
be hard to catch bigger fish in this trap but it's a good way to catch the small ones huge jugs of water make great
lamps just make sure the jug is full wrap a head torch around it and turn the torch on now watch the jug illuminate
the whole room improvised compass this is one of the oldest and most useful survival hacks out there all you need is
a cup or puddle of water that is dead still a leaf and a sewing needle lay the leaf in the water and gently place the
needle on top of the leaf it will now start spinning before settling and staying still the direction in which the
needle is now pointing will always be north did you know you can actually make a smoke bomb from a ping pong ball these
bulls are incredibly flammable and by wrapping tin foil around the ball whilst leaving a funnel for air you can make a
pretty effective smoke bomb just put a flame to the bottom of the tin foil wrap ball and the smoke will soon start
emerging this will work as a gray SOS signal thanks for watching if you enjoyed the
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