$50 Survival Kit Vs. $5000 Survival Kit


Hello YouTube it is Chris here and in today's episode we're going to be discussing the difference between a 50
dollar bug and a $5,000 bug-out bag stick with me you
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very next episode now the actual premise for this episode comes from one of the channels I'm subscribed to called crazy
Russian hacker where he actually did an unboxing for a $1,000 survival kit it going through that the couple items were
pretty decent but even for that amount of money I was like holy crap the stuffs pretty junky
so I know I would expect a little bit more $4,000 so and then it caused me to start doing an inventory on my
particular to bug out bag and I realized that my bug-out bag my personal one just for one person was way more expensive
and then I realized I was like oh my gosh let me see these big huge ticket items of $1,000 survival kit or $15
syllabic you had a 400 or survival kit and you think you're getting epic gear and when you really dive deep into it
you realize good so based off that concept we want to take the $50.00 bug out bag then we're gonna form it to your
levels we're gonna take a $500 bug out bag and then further what I would call the higher end for an individual bug out
bag we're gonna showcase my personal $5,000 bug out bag now keep in mind that those things will include like hunting
implements self-defense tools perimeter security you're really diving really deep once you get to that higher higher
higher level well that wasting any more time but to actually pick up this kit this is the
ust be ready kid this is on for three people for three days for 50 freakin dollars you gotta go to Walmart and
typically when you go into the camping hunting or outdoor section if you were in the United States you can find these
packs anywhere between 45 to 50 dollars this particular version is the ust be ready back it is touting that for three
days for three people they're gonna give you the bare-bones essentials to basically
keep you alive these are for like natural disasters something like hurricane Harvey or hurricane Herman
down in Puerto Rico this is exactly what this kids for this is not was something that I would go try to trek in the woods
with for this reason alone is fire-starting give your waterproof matches you're really not getting
anything super special here but all in all this pack is not horrible for what you kind of don't pay you've got a bunch
of freaking water packets right here you've got the hydration it's basically enough water to get and keep you guys
going assuming you're staying more than likely indoors you've got a shelter if you catch yourself out of your normal
home or apartment you got to evacuate you've got kind of emergency tent it's kind of those two tents with emergency
blankets kind of gives you some instructions even for beginners you should be able to figure that out then
we've got the lighting portion basically has some form of a battery looks like a wind-up battery in some chem-lights
then we have a first aid very very very basic we just have in heesu bandage strips butterfly advantages conforming
stretch gauze examination gloves hand sanitizer some basic instruction safety pins some medical tape things like that
and a trauma kit like if you were to get stabbed a shot or something more dangerous happens you get attacked by a
wild animal or something you're kind of screwed additionally we have some survival tools we have some cordage we
have some towels we have a waterproof match case the littlest thing to these like a dollar ninety-nine and then you
also get a multi-tool blade I've gonna be kind of nervous about that considering the whole package cost 50
bucks and most decent multi-tool start at about 50 bucks then you got nutrition now like I said for some people out
there who don't have a lot of money I'm not picking on them for picking this particular kit you have basic shelter
hydration and food and I would keep the first aid you know keep everything but what I would do is like put a good knife
in here then I would say put a decent flashlight with some extra batteries in here then I would go through and put a
better multi-tool in here and possibly a folding saw you kind of take this start with and expound upon it now we move on
to the $500 bug out bag now you see this is the max in Tiburon this was sent to us for
review and we've still been testing it we test it into the mountains and it did pretty good but with a six five and a
half to six mile day hike up to 9,000 feet we learned one very very important thing this cannot get loaded down very
much because it's gonna put a lot of pressure on your shoulders and whatnot so the to me personally this is kind of
like a bug-out bag putting it through a pretty solid test yeah this is probably not the best bug out back in the world
however if you're gonna use this as a daypack or you're gonna keep this about 25
pounds or less for kind of a compact situation you'll be better off now like you said you'll see this bag as
completely itself as men upgrade it's got a lot more compartments got moly attachments you can put first-aid kits
here you put morale patches got these nice hook and loop tabs on here this thing is really really rigged out to be
a really good in casual prepping bug out bag now I say that and a lot of people might get offended but you got to
understand is I was in the same boat too until kind of my eyes were opened by this particular group of people which
are through hikers and backpackers those people have some of the most rigorous most serious backpacks I've ever seen
and the thought occurred to me if these guys have to hike 5 6 7 12 13 15 miles a day with a backpack on should these be
the packs I should be looking at for an actual bug out bag if I'm going to start taking this stuff seriously and that's
what we've been starting to invest in but without taking any more time up we're gonna dive into this pack and show
you basically what 500 ollars get you now from what you can see in this particular pack everything kind of
piecemeal been put together actually equals about 450 bucks because of the fact that we wanted to make sure that
you could add food and water if you so chose so we kind of left a little spare room so it wasn't just tools but what
you could notice you're starting to recognize some things on the channel some of the budget-friendly stuff that
we highly recommend that don't cost a lot of money you kind of slow the upgrade you add a folding saw you add a
better knife you could put ax in there you had a nicer water filter you put an emergency sleeping bag you're better
cooking system you add fishing and hunting baskets you have better fire starting expound upon the first aid kit
so you start piecemealing and adding it before you know it give one two three years down the road you're
looking at something more like this so like I said five footer dollars gets you a better kit and this is something that
I know most of my viewers would look at that and like I have some fizzing water and put a first-aid kit in there Chris
and I'd be happy with that that works for me and for the casual prepper who wants to make sure they have decent
solid gear like I said this will do the trick but for people out there who literally
just decide though they do more research maybe they've had an incident in their family where it's something something's
been affected personally or maybe they just take this particular lifestyle extremely serious and now it's on the
top to your priority list that wasting any more time we're gonna jump into the $5,000 bug-out bag this is the $5,000
bug-out bag now the bag itself doesn't cost $5,000 is the bag and the contents that do this is actually a brand new
pack it's called the muskeg and from a company called the Cafaro international they are a backpacking hunter military
and expeditionary backpack company that pretty much sold some of the best backpacks on the planet now there's a
bunch of people out there who've heard of companies like Osprey mr. ranch eberlestock however this particular pack
caught my attention because it's a water-resistant backpack with water resistant zippers now this particular
system has a high laminate fabric which is the same stuff that we've seen on some other backpacks in the past
that's called x-pac it is a weave that actually makes it very very highly water resistant but it's also a really good
rip stop type nylon so you're gonna gettin superior strength but you're also getting that waterproofing capability
that is gonna be drastic when you're in rough elements we're gonna kind of go into why this particular pack for a
bug-out bag makes a little more sense first off it has these actual sleeves right here
that are designed for things like trekking poles and the blood of a gun arrows and other things like that now
that is gonna be necessary when you are carrying a big heavy load this is a 5,000 cubic inch pack or an easier
translation this is like an 82 liter pack this is a big boy but they have these two handles right here they have
one at the bottom the one at the top it is a top loader but it has a side zipper that goes with runs along the side right
here so you can access your gear so if you have something like the bug out roll that we have and some other things
you've got that covered additionally if you're gonna have a sleeping bag
shelter system you have this right here but what makes this pack so amazing let's say you have this pack with you or
you're on your way to your bug out location and you get an opportunity to hunt and the game is a little bit bigger
but you're within a half a day's walk this thing has a meat shelf attached to it which is in the back you do some
disconnecting along with the duplex frame and you can actually carry your animal on your backpack with your stuff
at the same time this is the actual duplex frame this is a huge freaking very very very supportive lumbar support
right here with the right Rhino insignia right here and it has extremely thick cushiony yokes that run up the full
distance of the frame additionally on here they have really nice load lifters and the compression strap for your chest
and the waist strap to where basically most of the weight of your pack is designed to be held is extremely big I
mean you see how monstrous and Huggy this thing is and it's extremely supportive now what you see right here
are my rock egala trail lights these are designed for if I'm walking on the trail and I don't want to put a stupid
headlamp on my head I can really get a huge opening even in some of the most dark areas I can light up this whole
freaking scene but without wasting too much time because we're gonna dive really deep in this pack in another
video as we actually take this on a full weekend excursion now once you see everything taken out of the pack and
this is what is fully in the pack my wife and I have a very very very similar rig this is the bug out roll now we're
gonna provide some overlay footage so you guys get a very brief overview of what's in the bug out roll to kind of
show you that it's full of freakin gear we have our Holtzberg axe all of our soil mini water filters are cooking kits
our cleaning kits or repair kits toiletries first-aid some minor things like that we've got a little bit of
everything in here additionally as we move on to other parts we've got the go outfitters camping solution it's nothing
more than my hammock the straps the apex tarp to protect me and my pillow it's very very very basic this doesn't
account for me having to add some extra weight on the bottom of my pack so if it's in the wintertime I can put the
adventurer topical it from go Outfitters as well to really brown myself out so I don't freeze to death and cold weather
additionally we have three or four of these freeze-dried meals that would go on the outside of the pack in that
little top sleeve we have my Casey's knife this is the trail knife that we got from our buddy
it's made from of a Cho called Z wear but this is a custom knife so as you can see this this is a 500 hour knife now
like I said we're not boasting we're just saying is once you start investing into high quality gear and
start picking up things for yourself products start getting exceedingly expensive it just kind of how it works
additionally uh two items that we really wanted to insert into here that we've never done before and showed you guys at
all where we added a full trauma kit and first aid kit and that came from mid pecs you would say you saw them at
prepper con 2018 if you haven't seen that series of videos definitely go check out up here you can see those
particular videos and another thing we added we got for my buddies over our fifth ops we got some tripwire perimeter
security we have five of the trip wire systems complete with all the Kevlar thread and everything you need to
actually set that up and we're gonna see a little small demo of that while we're talking and another rule of threes that
Canadian prepper atom a buddy Nate and it was a really good idea is the rule of threes if anybody doesn't know it's
three seconds without hope three minutes without air and he added one is thirty minutes without security three hours
without shelter in harsh conditions three days without water in three weeks without food and now as you can see food
is not a major priority and we actually made sure there is enough hunting and trapping implement in our particular kit
for active and passive fishing hunting trapping and things like that and also having some food tour set aside but here
in southern Texas in our particular environment nine to ten months out of the year the biggest things we're the
most worried about is our temperature is are between 85 and 120 degrees almost all year round so what we are most
concerned with is shelter and water we need to get safety from the elements we need to get protected away from that Sun
and we also need to make sure we're you have water water is vital without water in this particular harsh environment you
will die there's plenty of other place in the world you'll die in but southern Texas is a very harsh environment now
this particular rig is actually only about four thousand dollars with all the included goodies you haven't fully seen
in this particular backpack because we opened up the door for about a thousand dollars for people who are looking for a
viable active hunting and self fence implements whether you're gonna have a compound bow crossbow or recurve
bow like we've got you've got a rifle you have a sidearm a gun a pistol whatever you've got we added that
because we all know it doesn't take much the prices are really going up so when you look at it you're like oh man Chris
you're not as crazy as you sound no a $5,000 a bug-out bag is not as psychotic as people think because most
of your money will go into a really good trauma kit if you decide to get a bug a bag organizer you decided get one of the
higher level backpacks like an osprey ever leave stock you're gonna get a mystery ranch or a safari backpack those
backpacks are expensive but they're designed to last you 5 10 15 20 years even of medium to hard use they're
designed to last a very very long time but like I said this is stuff that you have seen in our overnight videos you've
seen our prep work on videos we're not throwing out a bunch of craziness at you and trying to show both but we're really
trying to show you that when you start taking preps extremely seriously we're not saying anybody who can't afford a
$5,000 setup doesn't take it seriously we understand budgets we know how that goes but what we're saying is the $5,000
was designed for sticker shock but it's not as crazy to sound so we showed you the differences between a beginners
backpack kind of an intermediate and a kind of you say expert level or veteran prepper someone who's been doing it for
a very long time 5 10 15 years or longer if you guys are interested in any of this stuff that we've got obviously
we're gonna throw links in the video description so you can learn more information help support the channel all
that good stuff but that's it for now and if you enjoyed our differences between the $50.00
bug-out bag the 500 and the $5,000 bug-out bag give this video a big thumbs up and share this out with your friends
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just a bit over now hope you guys have absolute wonderful day [Music]

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