Urban Mindset – 9 Street Survival Skills


80% of the population of the u.s. is in urban or suburban areas and so it's really important for a lot of people to
have certain skills for urban survival we're gonna talk about some basic things a lot of these you might already know
but it's really good to always think about these things because a lot of times we can get lulled into the mundane
we're going from day to day but and we kind of let things just go and so we're going to talk about nine different
critical things that you need to consider in an urban survival situation number one is really a big one and that
is just blending in blending in with the people that are around you typically people in a city have a certain look
there's definitely large variations but one example that I've had in traveling a lot in my earlier life going to a lot of
big cities is I'll never forget the time I was in Chicago we were at a big show and we were going out to eat at a very
nice restaurant I was wearing this bright orange shirt it's just something that all especially in our area people
just wear those kind of shirts and so I was I walked into the restaurant and I felt like I was standing out like a sore
thumb everybody around me was in darker clothes more subdued tones and of course it was a really nice restaurants that
they were dressed up but even then they were in darker clothes and so when I walked in I was like a beacon and I
stood out and so one of the first things you want to do whether you're in town whether you're in a suburban area is to
blend in with what people typically wear and that way you're not standing out this has a little bit to do with the
gray man which is an important concept to be able just to blend in having a bag that does blend in wearing clothes again
that do blend in being able to walk down the street and people not notice you because a lot of times you know you
might be dressed up really nice and people have just happened to notice you I know I saw a while back they were
having some riots and there was a reporter there in a blue button-down shirt and he stood out like a sore thumb
because everybody else was wearing gray and black in different colors and he was accosted and he was actually
assaulted and so again making sure that you blend in with the crowd number two is a big one with self
defense and of course that is if you're watching this channel you already kind of have self defense in mind I have a CW
P which is our concealed carry permit and I carry a firearm with me at all times
and then when I go to bed it's right beside on my nightstand but that is one thing that I rely on for self defense
not just for me or my family but also someone in need and being able to stand in the gap but there are a lot of times
where a firearm is not the answer you know it's like they say when you have a hammer everything's a nail so you need
to have some different alternative ideas and to guys sometimes firearms are not enough so first off you need to have
some kind of basic self-defense skills if you need to go hands-on you're able to defend yourself and to get out of the
situation for me I have studied martial arts most of my life and I was also a wrestler in high school and you know
I've just always been in that mindset when it comes down to it in a physical altercation you know I have some skills
a lot of people have never been in a fight but here's the thing guys watching different videos with surveillance
videos where people are attacked a lot of times they just don't know what to do and so taking some basic self-defense
classes can go a long way really knowing how to punch knowing how to kick you know it's really important knowing
vulnerabilities with people and what you need to go forward to get them offer you and deescalate the situation and guys
you need to get in good physical shape if you're just sitting around on a computer and the older I get the less
active I tend to be and so I have to get and force myself out there into situations whether it's just walking
whether it's running and you need to be able to run you need to be able to get now some of you guys have physical
limitations and that's understandable but if you're a fairly healthy person you need to get out and be physical get
your cardiovascular going if you need to run you need to be able to run and get out of the situation now
one tool that you can really carry about anywhere is a flashlight and having one with a crenelated bezel to be able to
use in a certain situation flashlights are actually used more than any other tool for self-defense other than the
fist it's actually a force multiplier and you're able to use it better than you would be even with your hands on
also carrying pepper spray and that's something that I've really become big on lately especially with riots and things
that have happened all over the US and guys if you're in a road rage incident a lot of times pepper spray will defuse
the situation in a hurry you're just minding your own business somebody comes up to your car and starts
trying to open the door or gets in the window just spray them in the eyes they'll understand that it's time to
step away and it's non-lethal so you don't have to draw your firearm having a knife can also be something especially
if you live in an area where firearms are not allowed and that's one of the big problems in an urban situation is
you're facing a lot of times where you can't have or possess a firearm you can't get a concealed carry permit and
so having some basic self-defense tools know how to use them that goes a long way and that's a big one for urban
self-defense number four is situational awareness be aware of your surroundings be aware of
threats that are coming up if you're on your cell phone you're walking through a parking lot or you're walking down the
sidewalk you are completely unaware of things that are happening around you and it's not just the things that are
happening in front of you but it's being occasionally looking behind you making sure that you're in a good position that
you are in a safe position but when you do see those telltale signs and something's starting to bother you get
on the other side of the street or you know take a different route if you know that there's trouble ahead and it might
take you a little longer but it's really important to know and to read people you know one thing that a lot of people live
in is in the Green Zone they just walk around they're completely oblivious to anything that's going on around them
until there is a confrontation and so you need to be able to identify possible confrontations that are coming up and
avoid them if at all possible number five is navigation knowing the area that you're in if
you're going into an area that you're unfamiliar with plan that out ahead of time know some different routes to be
able to get out guys you need to know how to avoid those situations many years ago I was in a city we were down for a
big show and we were out one night it was kind of late and I got separated from the group I still don't know how
that happened but I found myself in a parking lot and I was walking around and honestly I had no idea where I was ended
up I was in a really bad area of town now I got back to my friends fairly quickly but it really woke me up to
knowing the areas that I'm in and so when you're getting ready to go somewhere it's so simple to check your
phone and look and see what's going on around you knowing a little bit about the area that you're in to avoid those
bad areas where you could possibly face you know somebody that's mugging you or attacking you and you know you just stay
again with the crowd it's really important a lot of times to stay that the more people that you have around you
the better off you're going to be and so try to travel in groups but if you're on your own you know know the areas that
you're in and guys with the uptick in riots and protests it's good to be able to avoid those situations you don't want
to get yourself in the middle of a protest and then find out that you're on the wrong side of a riot you can be
picked out and again that's where blending in is really important blending in with those that are around
you not standing out in the crowd not maybe wearing a shirt that identifies you with a certain political persuasion
and being able to get out of those areas you know it's important to be able to stand for what you believe in but when
it comes to certain times guys you know you can really endanger yourself and your life especially if you're with your
family but just avoid those situations whether you're on foot or you're in a vehicle we've seen where people have
been pulled from their vehicles and beaten severely even shot and so we need to make sure that we stay out of areas
that are causing riots my father-in-law who lives up in Tennessee they had a protest he had no idea he was just
driving down the road he was stopped at a red light all of a sudden the protest as it passed in
front of him he had a text from a good friend of his that said hey stay off this certain street he started laughing
he goes Here I am I'm right there on that street he had no idea and so really having an idea that certain riots could
be taking place and again avoiding those situations communication skills and we're not talking about radios or your
phone we're talking about dealing with people defuse the situation have skills to where you can keep things kind of
calm relaxed get yourself out of the situation as easy as possible you know don't get fired up don't lose your
temper just stay calm and get out of the area if at all possible having those skills thinking ahead of time you know
what I just need to survive and so I'm gonna try to do the right thing here I'm gonna keep it on the down-low and we'll
keep it calm and I'm just gonna get myself out the last thing you want to do is to escalate a situation if you
escalate a situation and then you do have to use self-defense methods you can actually be charged and so you want to
make sure that you try your best to deescalate get out of a situation so that if you are in a life-and-death
situation you can draw your firearm in self-defense in a justifiable manner driving which we kind of touched on with
avoiding riots and things but if there are trouble spots in your area you need to avoid them and you need to know these
are some ways for me to get out of this situation if traffic has stopped up ahead because the roads are blocked you
need to pull off need to take another route if there are things that are going on you need to know about it keep check
with your local news know what's going on in your area a lot of times we depend on just national news we're not looking
at what's going on locally and so you need to have a good idea of what's going on in your community
now one skill that you need to think about and this is more of an shtf situation are scavenging skills if you
need to be able to acquire items food is a big one and if you find yourself in a urban situation you know going to the
grocery may be endangering your life you may need to try the dumpster diving I mean that is a possibility especially
really good restaurants it's not my favorite but it's something that you need to have that skill also certain
items that people are throwing lay or things that you might be able to use for certain things that you're
trying to do to put together and so having some scavenging skills now you want to make sure that you don't go into
places where there's private property you don't want to steal things that's just wrong on every level
so and you're become part of the problem instead of the solution and so make sure that you take care not to grab things
and to steal things but scavenging is definitely something that you might need to incorporate in
your survival skills and last but not least is mental preparedness and that's really what this video is about is
thinking ahead when these things could happen making sure that you are carrying some supplies on you making sure that
you do have some means of self-defense with you even if it's just pepper spray having that a flashlight like we talked
about with self-defense or just where you're going having that mental preparedness thinking if I'm attacked
this is what my plan is what am I going to do how am I going to get out of this situation and it really relates to
everything we've already talked about but a lot of times people just don't think ahead and so you need to think you
need to consider I need to survive if things are going wrong I need to be able to think ahead so I'm not panicking I'm
making wise choices at knowing the directions that you need to get out that you need to us your escape routes the
ways to be able to avoid certain things all these things are part of mental preparedness now obviously you're
watching this video so you are mentally preparing and you need to continue that education because survival is critical
that's what keeps us alive and so we need not only for ourselves but also for our families to be ready for whatever
hits us and guys with the way this year is started out we need to really be on our toes and if you're serious about
prepping and survival check out survival dispatch insider it is the best resource on the web for survival and prepping
they use many of the top names in the survival world and we upload one video that's exclusive to the insider every
week I'll have a link down below in the description well worth checking out be strong be of good courage god bless
america long live the Republic you

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