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Hey, girls! This time we prepared a collection of perfect ideas that will ease your life. You will find summer clothing ideas, what to do with makeup leftovers and tips that will help you to solve such problems as insect bites.
Let’s start from summer clothing ideas that will help you to look fabulous. You can easily turn a long skirt that you don’t wear anymore into a fancy dress. You will love this no-sew project! You can create a beautiful bikini top out of a scarf. It’s a perfect tip when you have forgotten a bikini top at home. One more cool idea is to make a dress out of a scarf. Watch the tutorial on how to turn boring heels into glamorous ones. Turn wide pants into shirts in one minute!
Usually, we waste up a lot of foundation because can’t get it out of a bottle. There is a cool way to save your budget – turn a drinking straw into a spatula to get every last drop. Turn an almost empty lipstick into lip gloss using a lighter. Find more beauty ideas to ease your life!
Sometimes we do not know how to solve small problems that can spoil the whole day. Don’t worry we know a lot of helpful tips. When you work a lot, your eyes become tired. Check out a perfect recipe for tired eyes – take two cotton pads and soak into cold milk. After that apply on your eyes and leave for a few minutes. Cold milk soothes tired eyes. Place the oats in an old pantyhose and attach to the faucet to let the water pour through the pantyhose. The oatmeal bath helps to ease irritated skin. If you have some cuts, stop the bleeding with a bit of black pepper.

00:09 Summer clothing ideas
01:28 Fancy bikini top
03:51 Glamorous heels
05:48 Use every last drop of makeup products
09:14 Use band-aid to remove a splinter
10:05 Milk for tired eyes

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