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Check out easy ideas on how to reuse plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, how to use Coke as a cleaner. If you have long hair, find cool hairstyles for special events.
Aloe vera is a perfect ingredient in beauty products as it works effectively to nourish and smooth skin. Beside aloe leaves contain a lot of vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants and has a healing effect on hair and skin. Try our natural dandruff treatment: mix aloe vera, conditioner, olive oil, and coconut oil. Apply this mask until the dandruff is gone. If you are out of shaving cream – use aloe vera leaves for shaving. Antibacterial effect of aloe vera gel helps to treat acne. Mix aloe vera gel with toothpaste to cure pimples
Coke could be used in very surprising ways: remove chewing gum from your hair using coke, mix coke with toothpaste to clean a sink.
Reuse shoe boxes to make cheap organizers for cleaning tools, cosmetics, shoes, clothes. Upcycle cereal boxes and make desk organizers out of cereal boxes. Glue 3 boxes together and cover with decorative paper. Use this inexpensive organizer to store stationary and notebooks. One more idea about how to store pencils, markers and pens are to make an organizer form a shoe box. Take a shoe box and glue wrapping paper of the color you like. Using a hot glue gun, place inside empty toilet rolls and glue them and wrap in any fabric you like.
In addition, you will find a cool tutorial on how to make a gumball machine to amaze adults and children! This cool project won’t require much crafting skills and expensive supplies!

00:27 Hairstyle tutorials for girls
04:59 Beauty recipes with aloe vera
06:14 Aloe vera for pimples
08:23 Shopping bag out of old jeans
10:38 Shoe rack from cardboard
17:11 DIY gumball machine

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