My Top 3 Survival Items

Today we're going to take a look at the three top survival items if you could only have three items what would they be
now that is a very difficult question to answer because there are a lot of items that you need for survival but we need
to prioritize these things and find out what do we need because if you're not careful your bug out bag can get really
heavy with a lot of useless junk or a get home bag or whatever you have for survival in your car what you have for
emergency you need to have these things planned out and thought out so really you're going to need more than just the
top three but I want you to definitely work and think through what are the top three items that you could need in a
real tragic survival situation now the first thing I like to consider are the rule of threes and that really helps you
to formulate a good survival plan you can live three minutes without oxygen you can live three hours in extreme
temperature conditions and you can live three days without water and three weeks without food so taking this into
consideration what are my three top options now another important element of survival is to know that if you can
survive the first 72 hours of any crisis situation then your chances of survival increased dramatically now so were
fortunate in a study a few years ago taking all the top disasters that had happened around the world and one key
element was if you could survive those first 72 hours your chances of survival dramatically increased but let's put it
down to the bare bones for every hour that you survive your chances will increase in the next hour in the next
hour and sometimes that's what it takes to hold on to be able to get through this situation that it will end and if
you keep struggling and you keep trying to stay alive the chances are you're going to get through it
so while we're not going to necessarily talk about the first 72 hours I really want to talk mainly about the first 24
hours to 48 hours what are the three items that you're going to need now I personally came up with six items that I
really had to struggle with and one of the first ones that didn't make the top three was food but these are SOS bars
these are for lifeboats they're really compact and they'll give you three days worth of
food but you can live three weeks without food yes you need to keep your energy up and it's really important but
if the chips are down you can go without food and also another very important element in survival is a first-aid kit
especially if you're really injured badly and you need help but I'm still not going to put that in the top three
and the reason why is because if you have some really serious bleeding typically you'll have an article of
clothing that you can get it to stop or you could actually form a tourniquet with your belt and be able to stop the
bleeding and that's the number one thing in a really bad survival situation until you can get professional medical help
and then one that I really had to battle with and that's water now you can live 72 hours without water but you can get
dehydrated especially in a very stressful situation and so one of the other items that I have on my top three
are hopefully going to be able to take care of my water situation but having a good water filtration system is really
vital in a survival situation now my top three I'm going to start out with something and I'm going to call it a
shell because of the rule of threes and because you can only live three hours in extreme temperatures having something to
insulate your body is extremely important and also something to be able to keep you from being wet from getting
damp and wet and then getting cold and then going into hypothermia so really a good shell whether it's a coat something
this water repellent is really important you know you could have a flat tire your car could break down you could be out of
cell phone range you need to travel on foot especially if you're out in the woods you definitely need something to
keep your body in the core of your body at the right temperature and having a shale this can also be used to make a
shelter if you need to it's just a regular poncho raincoat and so having a good shell to me is number three on the
top three list now number two is a good knife I usually keep a really good sturdy folding knife in my pocket at all
times and it stays with me I use it everyday but this can also be an important tool in fact it is your know
number one survival tool or it could even be something like this Glock filled knife of course the problem with fixed
blade knives is sometimes you run into legal problems if you especially if you're in a city limits or you're at
work you can't necessarily carry a fixed blade knife which is optimum but a great substitute is a good folding knife one I
would recommend it's somewhat sturdy to be able to handle a lot of different tasks and your number one survival tool
one to me that you really can't live without this fire having a way to make fire having fire-starting capabilities
to me the best is to go ahead and just get a nice big lighter this is the easiest way it's quick you can also get
storm proof or waterproof matches a good fire steel a good quality fire steel is really important and then there are a
lot of things on the market like this fire puck which is a matchless fire starter that can really get the fire
going even in super wet conditions and so with that I have a fire kit but if I could only have one thing it would be a
good lighter now of course there are a lot of good lighter options out on the market but a good strong lighter is one
of the best ways to get a fire started now obviously if you're going to have a fire kit it would be great to have some
tinder with it but if you have a knife you can make tinder if you have fire you can get a fire started
but now one of the important things to about fire is that you can boil water so you're going to have two purposes with
fire being able to cook food you can boil water you can get heat from the fire which is really the most important
part and then it also helps with morale so having fire starting capabilities is your number one survival item
and the bow-drill method good luck but it is an option nothing better than a good fire keeps you warm keeps your
morale up cook your food number 1 baby of course another important survival tool is to have self defense of course
the knife can be used as that as well but I usually keep my gun with me at all times this is an imported survival tool
as well now what I presented here is to get you to start thinking and what's really important is for you to go
into the comments below and give me your three survival items what are the most important survival items that you have
and that way it will give you time to really analyze your priorities in survival be strong be of good courage
god bless america long live the Republic nothing better than a good fire be strong be a good courage

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