Compact Survival Kit: Small Version for Bugging Out or Everyday Carry

[Music] hey everybody it's Tim from everyday tactical vids and today we're taking a
look at this which is my compact survival bag the actual bag you're looking at is the Voodoo tactical and
large deployment bag and I have reviewed this already you can find that on our YouTube channel but the concept behind
this bag is that I have a larger survival backpack that I keep in my car and I wanted something that was smaller
lighter weight easier to carry I can carry with the handle here it also has a shoulder strap you can attach as well
and I will unload this entire bag show you all the items that are in it but right now let me just talk about some of
the things on the outside as you can see I have some teklynx and some grimlocks from ITW and these are great if you want
to set up a Ridgeline for a shelter or if you want to carry something on your bag set up a clothesline whatever it
might be these can be very useful down here on the end I've got two different items first one is my Columbia River
knife and tool eaton tool and that has a variety of functions as well and then this is a very cool item from ultimate
survival technology so I'm gonna take it off the bag here this is a tiny little light basically you turn it and see if
we can get it to come on there and then if you twist this portion off totally you can actually turn the battery upside
down and it becomes a strobe so that's great for getting attention and making yourself visible in the woods
particularly at night so those are the only items I have on the outside I'm gonna empty out the bag and then we'll
talk about what I have in inside the bag as you can see I've got quite a large variety of items here and I'll talk
through each one but just take note that if you're creative and how you store items inside of other items you can
actually get quite a bit in that expanded deployment bag starting down at the end here this item is huge when it
comes to being in the Northeast there's so many ticks out there so something that has that you can keep the bugs away
that'll keep the bugs away and you can see this is 40% DEET there are more powerful options out there but this is
the one that's readily accessible you can buy it at a Walmart you can buy it at an outdoor store variety of different
places moving on you can see I have some gloves these are actually made by mechanics
very nice gloves very durable you can see they've got some reinforcement here on the top and then on the bottom as
well on your finger tip on the thumb these serve multiple purposes one is just general warmth now these aren't
going to keep you as warm as a pair of you know heavy wool gloves or something like that or wool mittens but they will
give you some warmth and also depending on what you're doing if you're really working on something hard or
aggressively that you got to be pulling on or tearing on this is a way to protect your hands in that process so
another great item to have up here you see a couple of the food options I have these were like a buck apiece you can
pick them up at Walmart they even actually sell them at places like Cabela's or other outdoor stores good to
have a protein source and then ROM and this stuff will last forever and if you can get some water and something to boil
it in right there you can see you've got some food so this isn't gonna last you for six weeks obviously but this will
take you you know through a handful of days to actually have something as soon as you hit the woods that will provide
sustenance for you up here you can see I've got a blaze orange bandana and this can be used for a variety of things if
you need to signal somebody if you want to leave it at your camp hanging from a tree so you don't lose where your camp
is obviously you can use it to carry things lots of uses for a bandana so another key item there this is lip balm
and this is used for multiple purposes again you're going to see that theme with all this stuff for most of this
stuff multiple uses for a lot of these items here one of the things that bugs me is if you know you get really
terribly chapped lips or sunburned lips it's nice to have something to actually take care of that and because this is
petroleum based you can actually use this as a fire starter as well so multi are multiple uses for that got a compass
here and obviously that's for travel I would like to get one that has you know the
mirror up top and you use it for signaling and other things as well but at least a basic compass in my kit
this is a headlamp from Princeton tech and it's the fuel as you can tell bright dimmer dimmer and then a strobe setting
and then off if you I think I talked about this in another video I basically got this for about 15 bucks
and I got it at Cabela's Princeton tech makes amazing stuff high quality things great to have a headlamp instead of a
hand flashlight you know I flash they have to hold in your hand because it does give the freedom to operate you
know hands-free if you're walking if you have to walk at night or if you're trying to do something night both your
hands are there for free because you've got a headlamp on moving on to some other items this is a multi tool made by
Winchester so if I can open this up with one hand it's not the highest-end multi-tool but it is a multi-tool that
has a variety of different things including pliers and you know other blades and such on it does have a little
saw blade in there as well so good to have a multi tool you can use this obviously for a variety of different
things and it does have a knife on there I do have another knife but you're gonna also see one of the themes for me is
repetition for some key items my pocket New Testament with Psalms and proverbs as you guys know I'm a pastor full time
this is for you know reading getting your mind off your troubles encouragement both spiritually
psychologically emotionally whatever it might be and I don't want to bring a full-sized Bible so here's the option
I'm going with got some duct tape and notice I say duct it's actually real tape for working on ducts if you were
you know doing something to HVAC got a couple rubber bands that you can use as well and I always say this but make sure
you get high quality duct tape if you're buying duct tape don't buy cheap stuff and then find out it doesn't work moving
down here a little bit I've got a tiny fishing kit you'll notice that I don't have fishing line
my plan is I've got you know some hooks I've got a law I've got a bobber and I'll throw a couple of things in there
probably you can see I've got a rooster tail which I find very successful what to use for fishing but what I would do
is I would come over to my paracord here and if you look inside you can see there's smaller strands and I'd actually
use some of that for fishing fishing line but this little kit and I've got in a plastic box that I can store things in
as well I've got water purification tablets now you can purify water by boiling it in other means but this is a
way to pretty much guarantee quickly that you'll have potable water and this one came with another jar but
the same size to take away the taste but I just thought I don't really need that I don't mind the the taste of purified
water using this alone and not using the other tablets and I don't want the extra weight so there you go got a guarantee
of some clean water I've got a little blade here this is from cold steel and you can see it's a very very small blade
this is the mini tough light and the reason I put this one in is that if I had to do some some detail work you know
if I was like cutting into a fish or cutting into an animal and then want to use this big knife over here it's a
ka-bar BK – this gives me an option to have something a little bit smaller up here you can see now this is something I
just thought of the other day but down inside you can see salt and pepper packets from Wendy's it's great to get
food and when you're hungry pretty much anything tastes good at the woods but you can add a little bit of flavor to it
there's an option so I'll just put these inside of this can which I could use to boil water drink water or whatever it
might be there are other options obviously out there but I just want to use this to show you know just a simple
can now you've got your container option from your 5cz or tendencies of survival up top I've got my Corona folding saw I
chose the saw instead of the Gerber backpacks – just for now at least I'm going to give that a shot and if I want
an axe instead of a soft or a while maybe I'll swap it out but there's a good cutting tool you know for making
shelter or firewood or whatever that might be let me drop down here to a couple other
items and here this is a bag that came from ultimate survival technologies and there are a variety of items in here
this is the Sparkie which is a fire starter you've got wet fire which is basically a little cube that will start
on fire even if it's floating on top of water if it's wet which is great got a whistle a signaling whistle and
then on the back you have some water purification tablets and again I left it in this a to keep it dry and then you
can also use this little container for other things as well down here I've got some hand warmers
maybe not vital in the middle of summer but you know it can get cold various times a year so good to have that
here I've got a large whiskey a bread size storage bag and it's quite big at the when you open it up it's probably
about you know 15 or 16 inches square and this is great because if you do find a good water source or you know
something that you need to carry in a bag now you've got this some people you know say well you know I'll just drink a
ton of water but if you wanted to carry it back to camp or if you want to just have it in a bag here's a good option
very compact and again rubber bands you can use for multiple things firestarter just basically a Ferro rod again I want
to have multiple ways to start fire 50 gallon drum liner this can serve or shelter could be a poncho variety of
uses for this more rubber bands paracord got about a hundred feet here and as I showed you before those inner strands
can be used for a variety of things as well Mike a bar-b-que – big beefy knife very strong you can use that for batana
a lot of different options I did want to have this other blade over here for a more detail work but I want to have
something big and strong as well got some zip ties I'll probably add a couple more in – – this only have three
here I think I had probably ten or so but those can be those are great for shelter building if you have to secure
something to a tree or to a branch that's a good option up here something I created I started to get frustrated when
I was out you know trying to cook me over a fire and spend it so much time rigging something up so you get a piece
of meat you can put it on the skewer and then you can you know take some paracord tie it to this end and then you're good
to go you can set it up over your fire so this is super lightweight I got four of these and they're probably twice as
long I just cut the handle down for I think a dollar ninety seven so lightweight and another good option just
to make life a little bit easier when you're out there in the woods wrapping up here I've got a astronaut blanket and
that's for warmth you can use that as a signaling device as well I've got some tubing here this is about 10 feet of
tubing and this is helpful if you do get to a water source that's hard to get your face down to or your cup down to
now you can get into it if you use a solar still you've collected rainwater this is an easy way to actually consume
it I do have just a container of water nothing special about this kind but now
I know I've got some food coming in I've got some water coming in so this is a container to fill with more water if I
can get it a clean source of water but also just nice to know that I do have water coming into the survival situation
and as I wrap up over here I've got a fleece cap I've got a neck warmer I found that if you can keep your neck
warm particularly the back of your neck that can really help a lot in a survival situation so that's why I put this in
and then I've got a North Face long-sleeve shirt this will wick the sweat away from you as well as just
adding another layer of warmth now as I close out a couple final thoughts first is that I'd love to hear from you guys
in the comments and other sections what would you add what would you change you know we've all got our different
preferences on what we think the best things for survival are so comment down below say hey you know I'd add this or I
take away this whatever it might be let's get the discussion going second thing is that all this stuff is great
but if you don't get out and use it and get familiar with it it's not worth anything so just to you know kind of put
my money where my mouth is I'm gonna be out in the next handful of weeks with this stuff probably just doing overnight
but see what's the most helpful I'll probably leave the food at home so I could you know get my own some of my own
sustenance from the wild but I'll be interested to hear what you guys had to say and also I'll give you some feedback
once I get out and use this as always thanks for checking out the videos please like and subscribe and more

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