Gun Stores ‘Essential’ in the Coronavirus Era? States Differ as Americans Stock Up

During the time President Trump has been president, there has been one crisis after another. With so many crises in so short a time, I think Americans are stressed out and with good reason.

It’s hard not to fear for your life or your safety during this time. Personally, I think any industry that in some way protects our Constitutional rights needs to stay open. This includes gun stores.

You have a right to protect yourselves. You have a right to be safe. You have a right to buy ammo and firearms if you want. There are no Constitutional restrictions on this. So I think the government is wrong to force gun stores to shut down.

Coronavirus anxiety has contributed to a boom in gun sales, but some states have ordered dealers to close alongside other businesses. Groceries. Gasoline. Medical care. Marijuana, in some places. All have been designated essential to society in more than a dozen states that have ordered many other businesses to close. Are Gun Stores ‘Essential’ in the Virus Era? Americans Stock Up as States Differ

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